Creepy Stalker Of Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter Sara

It is not easy to be the kid of a celebrity. You are always into the radar of people’s optic, whether that’s your comment on the social networking sites or you wandering on the streets. The biggest plight is, media pays more attention to you than your family members. Sachin

It does not matter, if you are Shah Rukh Khan’s 20 year old son Aryan or Saif Ali Khan’s a year old son Taimur, each one of your actions are kept in check. This time it happened to the India’s greatest batsman, Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter.

In the month of October last year, she was caught into attention by the media and people after a fake account in her name posted a controversial tweet against National Congress Party and Sharad Panwar.

In her rescue, father Sachin Tendulkar tweeted requesting twitter to remove such fake accounts at the earliest.

The days were not gone while the storm was over, a new mess entered her way when she started receiving obsessive phone calls from an unknown man.



This all started when a 32 year old man from West Bengal started calling Sara on her mobile phone expressing his desires to marry her. He passed lewd comments and threatened to kidnap her. Before getting it worse, she decided to let her parents know about this, where she decided to teach that creep a lesson. A complaint was lodged at the Bandra Police Station.

The Cyber Cell of Mumbai police traced the the number to Debkumar Maity from east Midnapore in Bengal. With the help of local police the person was arrested and brought to Mumbai for further investigation.

During interrogation he admitted calling Sara several times arguing that there is nothing wrong in his desire to marry Sara. He showed his tattoo humping Sara’s name on his arms and revealed that he saw Sara in the pavilion of cricket stadium in Mumbai and fell in love with her.

the mother of accused, Kanak Maithy claimed that her son is suffering from mental depression and due to loss of mental balance he has done such an act.

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