Decoding a Girls life

Well, how would you define a girl? As per the social norms, if she lives for herself, she is mean. If she does not fit into the definition of an ideal girl, she is not an apt marriage material. And she is ‘happily’ accepted, only if she bestows love on others, neglecting her own desires.

Why a girl has to adjust almost every time. To depict her life before and after marriage is similar to two sides of a coin. After marriage she has to keep proving herself as a good wife, a good daughter-in-law, a good cook, its her duty to look good always, not by her choice but because she has to, as she is ‘BAHU’ the face of family choice and reputation. Even the career is decided by her in-laws if they allow than she can pursue her career. Do such things happen with a groom too?? No!! Not at all….

On the other hand a girl is a free bird when she is with her parents before marriage. Pajamas are the best outfit for her at home. Studies and career is the only thing she is asked to focus and kitchen is next to a guest room for her seldom visits allowed. Just a nice cup of tea for daddy declare her the best cook and it is the only thing that keeps her family happy and announce it as lot of work done by her.

Girl mood_grittygoons
A rasam called “muhdikhai” where society decides in a Single look whether the bride is beautiful or not. No she is not a material why she has to be perfect in everything. A face of a girl will not tell you the beauty of her soul, the charm of her nature and warmth of her care.

Why life of a girl is next to burden after marriage. Why household chores have tag on them that, it is only brides department. She is not there to serve. She has her own life, her own areas of interests, her smiles and her pretty dreams.
Girl mood3_grittygoons

For a girl, being happy and satisfied will definitely help to make others happy. Don’t suppress her under responsibilities so much. Let her feel free too. Life is to feel, breathe and smile, not to pass in the examinations set by the society.

Don’t let the word MARRIAGE to be a phobia for her.  Don’t let her feel “I wish I was a boy”.

Let her experience that being a GIRL is the most beautiful thing.

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