Half Shared the Father!!!

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Fathers are also as wonderful as our mothers, but then also the world see the pain of mother, but ignore the sacrifices of sweet father, who always carries his child on the shoulder and forgets to sleep for the care of his child. We really don’t think much…but if we look around, then we will realize that it’s always equal participation of our parents, it’s just that we choose, but I believe we should never choose among our parents. Both are equal and father’s who are usually ignored, need to have a platform as they also share the equal phase of pain. Having the hand of father is having the same feeling like that of rapacity. Well, I would say in the absence of his there is a great sense of presence.

Lifelong we come across many people, but the one who will support you and will always stand despite the cyclone or any calamities, he will never see anything and will help you anyhow. ‘Father’ is not just the word it’s a full package of compassion and care. Today, when I look around, there are youth who don’t even talk to their parents, so we need to share and talk, as we never bother for things or relations which we have at present. We should always admire what we have and love those special people who made us and always shower us with their blessings which are generally ignored. So, friends do speak to your father and just ask them how you are today…and see how happy he would be. There should not be any lacuna of communication with them as always we expect for them. But friends we never know after talking to them…how they feel…it may be they might wait for our call and time moves on, perhaps we never tend to do this. So just ring up and make them special too. As far is never far, he always remains in our heart.

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