iPhone 8 Release Date & Rumors

Finally the time has come for all iPhone users who are eagerly waiting for new launch of iPhone 8. As always the rumours are always above imaginations double the people excitement. If you too have been waiting for the new iPhone, then your wait is about to end tonight because three new iPhones will be launched at Apple’s new Campus Steve Jobs Theater in Covartino, California.

The first iPhone was launched 10 years ago. Apple is celebrating the 10th anniversary of their most celebrated venture. We will give you the updates of this event. According to the leaked report five powerful features of the iPhone is about to rule the market.

These are the five features we are talking about:

Wireless Charging

Iphone Wireless Charger
There have been reports regarding the wireless charging of the new iPhone. Being a competitor iPhone is expected to launch the wireless charging as Samsung has earlier introduced the wireless charging in its flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S8. Apple has recently joined the organization supporting wireless usage. There is a possibility that Apple may offer an iPhone with wireless charging or matte.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition_I phone 8
Early this year, Apple had approached Israeli facial recognition company RealFace. In this case, the new iPhone can be launched with facial recognition. At the same time, the news is that the company will give facial recognition for unlocking the phone and will have a touch ID inside the display.


No Home button

According to the report, Apple can speak the Home button with Goodbye from the new iPod. The new iPhone will have a gesture control instead of the home button. If this happens, then the iPhone will be the first company that will not have a Home button.


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality_iphone 8
The company can now support the augmented reality in the new iPhone. With Augmented Reality Support, you can create virtual images and find out the difference between rear and computer-generated image. Take an example of Pokemon Go for Augmented Reality, which introduces virtual characters in the real world.

Apple’s event will start around 10 pm and 30 minutes on the night of September 12. The event will be held at Apple’s new campus Steve Jobs Theater. The world’s eyes are on this event held on the occasion of Apple’s 10th anniversary. This event is expected to launch many more products including 3 variants of iPhone. So let’s know what the company is going to launch in this event.

iPhone 8

The biggest product of this event will be the new model of the iPhone. According to the report, this time the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X Special Edition may be launched with the iPhone 8. Apart from this, the launch of iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus is also in the news.

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