Logan Paul Chose A Repentant Way To Be forgiven For His Mistakes

YouTuber Logan Paul proved that making mistakes is not a bad thing as we are human, mistakes happen but the way you improve that mistake matters.

Few days back Paul, in early January recorded a video  in Japan’s  Mount Fuji, known as suicide forest. He posted the video of a suicide victim titled “We found a dead body in Japan’s suicide forest”.

logan paulIn the video he showed the victim with only the face blurred out and even joked about the body. For this he was thrashed on the social network by his followers and other patrons.

After the controversy Paul apologized saying he got caught up in the moment and meant to raise awareness for suicide and suicide prevention.

Logan took a break from the YouTube in return of which he came back with a video on suicide prevention. He also pledged to donate 1 million dollar to suicide prevention

His new video is titled “Suicide: Be here Tomorrow”

He had a conversation with Kevin Hines , who survived a suicide attempt from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge at the age of 19.

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