Moments And Surprises In Game Of Thrones We All Were Dying To Watch

The new season of Game of Thrones has chilled the nerves of their fans with their hysterical and thrilled episodes. Some of scenes in the episodes were really awaited by the audience.

Brutal revenge of Cersei on her enemies

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You can call her cruel,cold blooded,evil or anything but Cersei Lannister knows to play her cards well. She is famous for her act of cruelty in the series and now the way she has handled his enemies is really barbarous. Cersei finishes High Sparrow and all his followers along with the other country foe in a ball of fire. After which Euron Greyjoy offered her Ellaria Sand, the killer of Cersei’s daughter, that became a nightmare for both mother and daughter. Cersei poisoned Ellaria’s daughter the same way she did to her’s. She coated the poison on her lips and gave it to her by delivering a kiss on the lips after which she was left to die and rot in front of her mother’s eye.

Actual assassin of Cersei’s Son Joffrey

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After the Lannister army conquered Highgarden, Olenna Tyrell – the Queen of Thorns was poisoned by Jamie Lannister. He offered the poison in a glass of wine asking her to drink and the moment she brewed the liquor, she revealed that she is the only one killed Cersei’s son Joffrey. Listening to this Cersei regretted her decision of agreeing to the terms of Jamie to give Olenna a painful death.

Reunion Of Stark Families in Game of Thrones

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Emotions flooded when Sansa meets Jon Snow in Castle Black. Although he is not fervor anymore but still meeting of Bran and Sansa was full of love and affection. And the home coming of Arya Stark was really awaited by each one of us. Now the only thing we awaits is the meeting of Bran and Arya with Jon Snow. The most awaited thing is about Bran informing Jon of being a true Targaryen.

Meeting of Jon Snow With Daenerys

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Before Jon enters the audience chamber to meet Queen Daenerys, he encountered her children- Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal soaring high above the Dragonstone. The meeting started with a bit clash due to their clashing priorities. Jon was very much concentrated about explaining the real fear that was about to be faced by everyone. He explained how he faced White Walkers and how he fought against them. He asked to mine the Dragonstone as it is full of Dragon glasses so that they can make weapons to kill White Walkers.

Death of A Dragon Among The Three

Jon and others were on the round for arresting a white walker alive and presenting it to Cersei so that she can believe that they are real. During their search Jon and the team was attacked by the Night King and his army, after which Daenerys along with her three dragons came to rescue them. Her dragons destroyed the army of White Walkers. Out of anger the Night King grabbed the icy spear and lobbed it to Viserion’s neck striking him down to the ground. At the end of the episode we encountered that the died dragon will return as a White Walker.

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