All About Old School Bodybuilding And Bodybuilders

Old school bodybuilding is a relationship between man and iron, between which there was never ever. This is all about the bodybuilders of 70’s For them, Dumbells and Barbells were everything to lift and these two things gave us bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenneger. These big machines and the air-condition  gyms were neither there nor they needed them.
They never thought about over supplementing or over training, what they always thought  about was the more we sweat the more we grow. For the growth of their body, they never needed a scientific research or the nutrition chart. More than which they counted on lifting weights, sweating more and getting the result.
They had confidence in themselves, on their own strength. For the growth of muscles they kept on raising the weight and never gave up untill their own body would not speak them to take rest.
Summarising the whole concept of old school bodybuilding, we will get to the conclusion that it was all about intensity and frequency, according to which you train your muscles till they do not get tired and take rest untill you regain the strength to lift again. By the time you take rest, eat like a hungry lion.
Their lifestyle was all about working hard and making sacrifices for which we are really proud of them.
Old school is the backbone of modern bodybuilding and today we all are depended on the supplements and science, which has never been the priority of 70’s pencil neck bodybuilders.
The time of 70’s, a golden era of bodybuilding gave us some Hercules look alike bodybuilders which includes
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Frank Zane
Franco Columbo
bodybuildingLou Ferrigno
Boyer Coe
Bill Grant
Mike Mentzer
Serge Nubret
Let’s have a look on their body part split routine
Monday : Chest and Back
Tuesday : Shoulders and Arms
Wednesday : Legs
Thursday : Chest and Back
Friday : Shoulder and arms
Saturday : Legs
Bodybuilders of 70’s never pinned a day to train trapezius, Abdominals, calves and necks. They used to work for these body parts 4-6 times per week.

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