Railway Minister To Indian Female Cricket Team, You Won Our Hearts

Two-thirds of the Indian female cricket team work in Indian Railways. So Union Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu is feeling like a ‘proud father’, whose daughters have done really well. In the honor of Indian Women’s Team led by Mithali Raj, runners-up in the ICC World Cup, Prabhu said that he believes that in the future, people will ask if men also play cricket.

indian female cricket team

On the occasion, the Railway Minister announced a reward of 13 lakh rupees to each member of the Indian women cricket team associated with the Railways.

Prabhu said, “Cricket was first known as a game, only for men but now time has changed. Maybe, after 20 to 30 years people will think that do men also play cricket, he said, this is a great achievement for which whole country is happy. You did not win the cup but you were successful in winning the hearts. “

On this occasion, he also discussed about the question in which Mithali was asked about her favourite male cricketer. In reply of which she said, ‘Have you ever asked a male cricketer who’s his favourite female cricketer?’

Prabhu feels that the success of the women’s team is a “warning to male cricketers”. He said,”Please be careful. People are now watching more women cricket than ever. Men cricketers are worshiped like God but now women are also in cricket and in the future, inspite of God Goddesses will be worshipped in cricket.”

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