Sore today and success tomorrow

Jumping out of your comfort zone seems tough and impossible. Not because you do not want to, but because you are not ready to do so. There can be many reasons; why you feel insecure in getting out of that everyday familiar side to the most sparkling bright side of yours.

Here are the 2 fundamental reasons and tips to tackle them:

You are not ready to face the challenges

Challenges are the nightmares that no one wants to witness for sure. Challenging your limits is not an easy task. Be it the physical challenge or the mental challenge. Facing a challenge requires lots of courage and will power. From joining a gym to joining a company, each and every important decision we make in our life requires your will power and the ability to face a challenge. The only way to convince your heart, brain and body to take a challenge is to focus on the output after completing that particular task.

Draw an image of the expected end result in your brain and try to register the same into your sub conscious mind. You will start believing the same and will start working on it to transform it into reality. Push your limits with the help of small goal setting rule and take baby steps in developing those success habits in you.

You are not ready to leave that warm blanket

Recall that point of time, when it becomes hard to get out of bed in chilled winter mornings. That feeling can be related to the type of feeling you always sense before taking a risk. You know that the risk will be fruitful for you, but you try to delay the moment.

Trust me the blissful experience at the other side of your fear is amazing. You will surely thank yourself for taking that risk.

I frequently right on Millionaires Core about such motivational and self improvement issues to inspire people to develop those success habits to live a better life. You will have to plant a tree today itself, to enjoy its shade tomorrow.

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