Tinder : Swipe as if there is no tomorrow

Discover those around you!!! Tinder is swipe left or swipe right app and the match is done. It is  simply you see photos of someone, read their bio , decide if you are attracted to him or her and swipe accordingly. Right swipe means you accepted and left is rejected.

It’s a kind of open secret that lot of guys will just swipe right on everyone in order to maximize the number of potential matches. Therefore tinder has a constraint of certain number of swipes to right. Tinder is likely to assume you a robot if you swipe every time right and will be reluctant to show you to other profiles.


The best thing happens unexpectedly is what the guys using tinder have to say .Recently a bug came in Tinder with unlimited swipe without any pack encountered. Guys started swiping overjoyed and end up paining their thumb. They were knocked with a feather. It was like a dream come true for guys, they had the best time of life with swiping unlimited to profiles.

This is what tinder is for swiping and makes you smiling. Lot of prospective matches was discovered all thanks to the bug in the dating app.

I guess guys must be owing to the bug for the unlimited overwhelming swipes.

So, let life surprise You!!!!



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