Typing…We must Reply to All!!

Tapping or I would say typing on the phone is not just a purpose but a small and instant joy which we get and give in response to our friends, is just an inexpressible feeling. When we live in different parts of the world, we need a medium to communicate. So, I would thank Mr. Alexander Graham Bell who helped people to come closer without being physically present.

Yes! This great man invented phone and now there are many things created in the modification to phone. We can install variety of apps on this beautiful creation of man to ease our lives.

Telephone to Smartphone is a remarkable journey in mankind. Today we can’t survive without this little perfect storage of comfort, happiness, knowledge and communication.

Well, the motto of using phone should always be equally distributed among friends; it should not be any way out. Ignorance has always hurt the feelings and emotions.


Giving response or reply to one and leaving others is just an injustice towards the one who is not being responded. Well, moving into this debate further, I would love to focus on the people who are careless about their close friends and always find interest in the other ones. Sometimes the slow moving car also takes a wrong path which makes a difficulty in getting back to the same route. So please preserve the old one, skip this thought that they won’t leave you or go anywhere alone. Once they are hurt they may move to that place which is beyond your imagination.

Social media helps you to be in touch, with your close ones. But sometimes it really hurt, as it gives every information, whether you are active or not whether you have read the message or not. So, nowadays the issue is very prominent among friends and that is of ignoring each other. Ignorance is a poison that kills love, friendship and all the good tactility in the world.

It’s time to share and hear that being in this small world and a guest of few days; we should always try to make others happy. As we have less time to share love and more time to ignore. So it will be better if we will replace ignorance with love, because we never know about life where it will stop and when it will say good bye…

So friends just share, care, and appreciate love!!!!!!!

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