His voice sneaked slowly in the heart and made an everlasting imprint.

Well, the nuance and sublingual information captured in the sound of the human voice is spine-tingling. Human voice is natural musical instrument which change the mood like a song does. The personality behind the voice embellishes its sound. A phone call is an essential step that helps to know a person distant from you in this online world.

One fine day a call on my mobile faded my messed and frustrated thoughts.  After hearing his “hello” a serene calmness in the heart overflow and I started sharing the things with the gentle listener and warmhearted sound to tranquility. His voice has the power to conquer the agony of the world.  The exhilarating ripple of his voice was a tonic in the rain.

I may not get to see you as often I want to. I may not get to hear you ,talk to you as much I want to but there is a power in voice that vanish all the complains I have with you.

It’s a little strange, knowing that there is someone on the other side whom you can speak through phone calls and text messages, and yet consider them the close to you eternally. It is a true blessing to feel, to have a person in life each and every day. To impart endless wisdom and listen to the ramblings about single little thing defines the purity of soul continue into the voice. The universe conspired to find me this voice which cares more than everything in world. His voice through the phone changed me, helped me to become I have always dreamed of with each little day we pursue our talks. The cadence and timbre of voice carries a lot of emotions to protect.

Voice1_grittygoonsThe words, I live and believe in power of words, but the sound of voice gives the 3 dimension picture of the person. Words without a beautiful voice are merely ideas. Human voice infuses words with deeper meaning and of course, falling in love with somebody’s voice is a good idea either.

It’s not that we need to have a good singer like voice, the emotions of positivity reflect in the voice to make it sound pleasing. The voice paints the world with colors and sounds. The tone of voice can make the things aligned in any relationship. It can lead to accept and refuse all together. The emotions of happiness lead to charming voice.

The sweetest sound is the sound of the person we love!

2 thoughts on “VOICE!!

  • September 5, 2017 at 12:35 pm

    Voice…helped me to voice myself and therefore with my voice I want to say that its a beautiful memoir of voice which has created ripples in my mind….fabulous!!!

  • September 5, 2017 at 2:48 pm

    Well done very nice thoughts keep it up


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